Terminator: Genesis Reportedly Dropping The Subtitle

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

terminatorWe’re huge Terminator fans here at GFR, obviously, and it’s not just a professional hazard. Alan Taylor’s next entry in the franchise is shaping up to be the most exciting one since James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and while we have a lot of questions about where this film is going to take the series, we didn’t think we had to worry about wondering what to call it anymore. Yet we may be back to square one, as Paramount is reportedly dropping the Genesis from the title, and sticking with a plain-jane single-word approach. No time travel needed.

So, are you guys ready for Terminator? Not The Terminator. Not Terminator 5. Not A Terminator Grows in Brooklyn. I think I can live with it, even though I generally hate when sequels stick so closely to their predecessor’s titles. (Anybody else remember the band Days of the New? They named all of their albums Days of the New and differentiated them by color.)

The news comes from Bleeding Cool, who claim they’re hearing this name change from several different sources, as it’s all tied into the film’s marketing and licensing. Apparently a lot of the merchandise and toys are going under Terminator, dropping the suffixed portion that was only added on at the end of last year. (Also, can I get a life-sized Emilia Clarke “toy” for Christmas?) Now, it could very well be that the merch labels aren’t finished, or that Paramount is comfortable tying in products with different names, but it’s unlikely. If we see any toys getting made under the simple name Jurassic, then we’ll have a better clue.

While the word “genesis” was titular shorthand for telling audiences that this sequel is also a prequel and quasi-remake, leaving it off and keeping just Terminator rather muddles that message. The film will star Jason Clarke as John Connor, who attempts to destroy the all-powerful Skynet and the Terminator cyborgs by sending soldier Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back in time to meet up with Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) to shut the company down just as it’s forming. It will mostly follow the same outline as Cameron’s original film, only different events will play out, giving this more of a parallel timeline feel over a straightforward remake. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s aged T-800 also ties the films together. I mean, at least this one is actually bringing Arnold back, unlike Terminator Salvation.

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Regardless of what it ends up being called, audiences can find that next Terminator sequel in theaters year from now, on July 1, 2015.