Telltale’s The Walking Dead Debuts Riveting Episode 2 Trailer

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

When it comes to the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, I’d much rather be reading the comic or playing Telltale‘s episodic tie-in game than watching the AMC series. But the show comes every week, while the comic is naturally a monthly, and the game is…well, it just comes out whenever Telltale says so, unfortunately. Though the anticipation does turn to passive-aggressive aggravation in the months between episode releases, the final products are always worth the nail-biting wait time. And from the looks of the second episode’s first full trailer, I should probably already be trying to use medication to numb the part of my brain associated with guilt and decision-making. This could be one hell of an encounter.

Warning: There be spoilers ahead in them thar woods.

When we last left Clementine, she had to make the damning decision of whether to save the calm and rational Pete, who’d just been bitten by a walker, or his impulsive and put-upon nephew Nick, who could make it out safely. It was something of a difficult choice, given players only met these people an hour or two of playing time prior to that point. But they saved Clementine when she was in danger, and mostly believed her when she said she wasn’t bitten. These are her makeshift family members now, for better or worse.

And “A House Divided” introduces us to the mysterious Carver, a 40-something-year-old man who we’d only heard of in passing, when someone guessed that a pile of fresh zombie corpses may have been his doing. Already the name Carver sounds villainous, but is that the case here? They’re playing him up like that, making it look as if he could be trying to find the group just to hunt them down. But obvious context clues seem to reveal that he is the father of Rebecca’s baby, which she was hoping was for her husband Alvin. I guess paternity tests would be out of the question in this post-apocalyptic world, but the color of the child’s skin will probably be a good indicator.

The cards are stacked against Carver, so it’ll be interesting to see how they play him up to be the “right” one for Clementine to follow. He implies that the rest of the group have secrets, and that he split with them over “differences.” How horrible will those differences be? I’m hoping they stick with me for the next few months longer than episode one did. But I can still remember certain moments from the excellent first season, so there’s no reason for me to think this won’t keep getting better and better.

We’ll find out on March 4, when “A House Divided” is available to depress you via download.