New Prometheus Trailer Teaser Keeps The Mystery Box Closed But The Wonder High

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

For most of us, there’s a glorious 15-20 minutes before a feature film starts that often has us more exhilarated than the actual film we’re trading our first born to see… the trailers. As soon as that big green “this preview has been approved for all audiences” screen appears, you’re as rapt as you’re going to be for the duration of your experience. Great movies made even greater, or trash polished enough to trick into spending your money on it, we all love the trailers, and we love them even more when the anticipation for the film is already at its height.

And what higher anticipation is there than for Ridley Scott’s triumphant return to sci-fi, Prometheus? There is none, for me at least. This is my golden egg, so any tidbits they feel like releasing and I’m instantly back in that theater seat before a green screen, in awe of what’s going to come next. The marketing department seems to understand that too, which is why they’ve released a trailer for their trailer. You read that right. Following is the teaser for the upcoming theatrical trailer for Prometheus. Enjoy a slight but exciting glimpse back into the world of Alien

It’s hard to not laugh at the ridiculousness of a trailer for a trailer, but because it’s Prometheus, all is forgiven. We’re given some pretty wild looks at a frantic Idris Elba (looking strikingly similar to Yaphet Kotto’s Parker from Scott’s original film), Noomi Rapace in her space garb getting rocked by some rocks, and many other quickly edited shots to help whet your whistle for when this trailer actually hits.

As expected, the teaser maintains the secrecy that we’ve come to expect from the set of Prometheus and does nothing but tease, leaving the lid of the mystery box closed for now. The full trailer has been promised “soon” and you better believe we’ll know the second it drops. Check back for more soon.