TARDIS Fridge Is Bigger On The Inside

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Are you sick and tired of running out of room in your refrigerator? Leave it to those helpful nerds to think of an ingenious way around this storage problem. Now we all know that Doctor Who’s preferred mode of transportation, the TARDIS, is bigger on the inside than it appears to be from without. One Who fanatic figured out a way to apply that science to kitchen appliances, creating a TARDIS refrigerator. Note: this refrigerator may not actually be larger inside.

Over the years we’ve seen all manner of everyday items dressed up like a TARDIS—showers, living rooms, garbage cans, even actual call boxes. Out of all of these, however, this might be the one you’d least like to travel through space and time in. Even if you bundle up in all your long underwear and knit scarves, the cold of flying around inside of a refrigerator would get to you after a while. Especially if you’re stuck in the lower portion, where the freezer is.

Travel inconveniences aside, this is a must-have for any serious Doctor Who fan who also doubles as a foodie. Think of unveiling this bad boy at a geek-themed dinner party. You and your buddies can expound on both of your favorite subjects, science fiction television programs, and tasty, tasty foodstuffs.

What this individual really needs is a barbecue fashioned to look like a Dalek. That would totally liven up all those backyard get-togethers during the summer months. I once lived in a house with a life-sized R2-D2 soda cooler. That was a good time.

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