This TARDIS Is Cathedral Worthy

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Make fun of pottery and other arts ‘n crafts classes at high schools, colleges, and community centers all you want, but they provide a great opportunity for all those right-brain nerds out there to get their geek on. Harry Potter and Doctor Who scarves are often the first thing tackled by nerdy knitters. Papier-mâché versions of movie monsters and classic spaceships abound. The coolest results, though, often come when someone takes a “classy” or unusual art form and combines it iconic science fiction images, like this stained glass TARDIS from Doctor Who.

Craftster user Xandrigirly says she created the unusual replica of the vessel that transports The Doctor through space and time in the long-running UK show for a Stained Glass II course. It’s impressive and very beautiful with the light from a nearby window streaming through it, even if it has (as Xandrigirly states) “the crooked lines and stuff of a beginner.”

Actually, the crooked lines add a lot of charm to the stained glass TARDIS. When combined with the bright and shimmery colors (particularly the gold), the overall effect is something not unlike a Van Gogh painting. It may not have been what Xandrigirly intended in the creation of the phonebox, but it definitely calls to mind The Doctor’s own adventure with the tortured artist and Van Gogh’s (fictional) rendering of the TARDIS.

It was originally meant to be a lantern, and it’s easy to see how beautiful the TARDIS would have been with a flickering candle inside. Xandrigirly eventually decided on a more practical use for her creation, though – a candy jar. The Fourth Doctor would be proud. Jelly babies, anyone?