Syndicate Trailer: Four Player Co-Op Gameplay Footage Shown

By Steve West | 9 years ago

Syndicate, EA’s first person shooter reboot of the classic series, is shaping up to be a big player in the sci-fi shooter genre. A game that was barely on our radars months ago has had some stellar trailers, including the one you’ll find below featuring 4 player co-op gameplay footage, and early buzz has been positive.

Everything from the aesthetic of the game, to the unique take on the FPS model, makes me hopeful for a surprise late winter hit. At first glance on this trailer I thought the game looked a little off, like not quite as sharp and stylistic as Syndicate had been in the previous trailer. I think I understand where that mistake comes from now that I’ve watched the trailer a few times. Syndicate looks a lot like Mass Effect, only there’s a distinct hint of cartoony qualities. But it’s still realistic looking.

We’re not talking Team Fortress/Pixar toons here, just something a little extra on the style. Even if I’m nuts on this observation, I think the game looks promising. Especially the 4 player co-op, which could bring me back to the mode after so many 2 player co-op sessions have fizzled out. Jump-in jump-out options would also make this mode killer, as I wouldn’t have to worry about messing up someone else’s progress (or my own) if something came up.

Check out a collection of co-op screenshots in the gallery below the trailer.

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