SyFy’s Collection Intervention Infiltrates The World Of Geek Hoarders

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

SyFy always caters to their geek audience, whether it be a high-end, philosophical space opera in the new Battlestar Galactica or the occasional fun and schlocky monster movie such as Birdemic or Piranhaconda. Tonight SyFy will premiere the new reality series, Collection Intervention, which tackles the problem of when collecting habits go too far.

It looks like every week the reality series will follow a geek with a collecting problem and how they’ll come to terms with living with someone who doesn’t share their passion for comic books or sci-fi memorabilia. You can check out the series’ trailer below, which shows a newlywed couple coping with the wife’s sizable and impressive Star Wars collection. The husband in the couple has no idea what to do with their new home.

Does this look relatable? It’s kind of heartbreaking to see someone cry over selling some of their Star Wars collectibles. We’ve all been there.

The series will center on Elyse Luray, the former Head of the Collectibles Department at Christie’s auction house, as she travels across the U.S. to various homes to appraise their hoard of goodies. She attempts to help them unload their collectibles tackle their collecting problems. The series seems to be more in the vein of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars rather than A&E’s Hoarders. The trailer below seems to depict the tone of the reality series better than the Star Wars-centric trailer.

Collection Intervention premieres tonight at 10PM EST on SyFy.

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