Syfy’s Blood And Chrome Is Still Coming…At Some Point

But when?

By David Wharton | Updated

Remember Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome? The prequel series to Ron Moore’s re-imagining of BSG was going to be set during the first human/Cylon war, and looked to be quite a bit more action packed than Caprica. Unfortunately, while what little we’ve seen of the show looked very promising, each new bit of news has also tended to be bad. When the show was first announced in 2010, it was supposed to be a full-fledged Syfy TV series. Then it was perhaps only going to be a web series, or maybe one-off TV movie. And then…well, here we are, aren’t we? A new update from the folks at Syfy suggests that there might still be some life in the project…but we still have no clue when we might finally get to see it.

This latest ember of hope sparked up via the official Syfy Twitter account. During a Q&A, somebody asked when or if Blood and Chrome might make it to air. Syfy’s Craig Engler replied with, “You’ll definitely see it, date TBD.” And that’s it. Not exactly a font of information, but it’s something, and we’ll take what we can get when it comes to Blood and Chrome. Hey, at least it means it isn’t totally dead at the moment.

What is frustrating is that that’s pretty much the only information it provides. They say it will air, but in what format? Is it still going to be a TV movie? A web series? Could Syfy have come to their senses and decided to expand it back into a full series? Why does Syfy hate us so?

Hopefully we won’t have to wait another six months to hear more. In the mean time, here’s the badass Blood and Chrome trailer to make you irritated all over again.