Syfy Options A Slew Of New Sci-Fi Series

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

McCallEven though Syfy’s original movies are more creature features than actual science fiction, and their reality shows are almost all about the paranormal, and their actual name is just a made-up word, the original series Syfy puts out, regardless of quality, usually do fall within the realm of actual sci-fi. They’ve just kicked it up a notch, adding seven more original series to their upcoming roster, which already includes the highly anticipated Defiance, the Blake’s 7 reboot, and Ron Moore’s Helix. From space operas to space mysteries to meteorite crashes, this will be a year in which Syfy leaves our planet behind and takes viewers all over the universe. At least, through a TV screen. Let’s go over some of them, shall we?

Sojourn: From screenwriter Phil Levens (Smallville) and producer Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity) comes this mystery set aboard a starship heading to colonize another planet. For the first time ever, a space detective is needed to investigate a murder that ends up leading to a conspiracy involving a crime that happened back when the ship launched. Drama!

Shelter: As a massive meteorite heads toward Earth, 30,000 people are chosen to begin a new society in an underground government facility. But perhaps not all is as it seems. This will be written by Bruce Joel Rubin (Deep Impact) and Ari Rubin.

Infinity: From the creator of The Middleman comes this outer space drama where a young billionaire industrialist is sent in his spaceship — the only interstellar vessel on Earth — to try and peacefully recon with an alien armada beyond Pluto. Unfortunately, the ship goes into a wormhole and ends up lost in the universe as its crew tries to make their way back home.

Orion: A couple of writers from Alphas put together this space opera about a female relic hunter who finds artifacts while trying to figure out what happened in her past. There’s an intergalactic war going on, and the woman is forced to choose between her own safety or the safety of the entire human race. Seems easy enough.

Clandestine: This one is is executive produced by Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), and focuses on a team of bandits left for dead by the almighty Coalition forces, who then take over a derelict Coalition ship to continue their bandit-y ways. That is, until they uncover just what the Coalition is really all about.

There’s also Silver Shields, about a country boy taking a job with the police in a city full of mythical creatures, and Dominion, which is a religion-tinged good angles vs. bad angels drama.

This is a pretty solid slate, should they all actually make it to TV, which they probably won’t. Which ones are you looking forward to the most?


Header art by the late, incomparable Robert McCall