Did I Do That?! SyFy Channel Hires Urkel

By Will LeBlanc | Updated

Syfy’s newly acquired and still ill-fitting moniker hasn’t really had much use over the past two years. Sci-Fi channel execs decided to change the name so that A. girls didn’t know what it was and would be tricked into watching the channel, and B. to open doors to programming that isn’t just specifically science fiction. Despite those changes, the network hasn’t really opened its doors, but that’s slowly changing.

It was announced a couple of days ago that Syfy has acquired the rights to Total Blackout, which pits contestants against each other in a series of tasks played out in complete darkness, and has next to nothing to do with sci-fi. The show has appeared in many other countries around the world, including, not surprisingly, Japan, whose game shows are always weird as hell.

The show will be hosted by none other than Steve Urkel himself, Jaleel White, who shockingly has been keeping himself quite busy. He’s got three movies in various stages of production, but is still very excited to fill his free time with hosting duties on Total Blackout. Check out the video of him talking about the show.

Total Blackout could definitely be a lot of fun to watch since it will be filmed completely in night vision. I mean, what could be more fun than watching blind contestants run into walls and have tarantulas dropped on them? The show has received an 8-episode order, which is short but obviously long enough to test interest, and will air sometime in 2012.

And just so you know what to expect, here’s a clip of a dude rubbing his nose against another dude’s butt. It’s not graphic, but there’s a naked butt, so here’s your NSFW warning.