SyFy Will Bring Canadian Sci-Fi Series Continuum To The US

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

One of Canada’s most-popular TV dramas is coming to the US. SyFy has picked up the rights to air episodes of the Canadian time-travel drama Continuum. It was only a matter of time (no pun intended).

SyFy was in talks with Reunion Pictures, the Canadian studio behind Continuum, to potentially bring the series to American cable television after SyFy UK picked up the time-bending series for British audiences. The deal will bring Continuum’s 10-episode first season to SyFy as part of their Fall 2012 lineup or, most likely, as a mid-season replacement in 2013 after the network’s hit TV drama Alphas signs off later this year.

Continuum premiered on Canadian’s Showcase Channel in May 2012. Its premiere episode brought in 900,000 total viewers and quickly became the channel’s highest-rated episodic TV drama.

The sci-fi series is set in the year 2072, when all the governments of the world have collapsed and numerous corporations have taken over the planet to install a high-surveillance police state and to take away social freedoms. When a convicted terrorist group called the “Liber8,” led by Edouard Kagame (Tony Amendola), escape execution and time travel to the year 2012, a Vancouver law enforcement officer called “Protector,” Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), also travels back to stop them from changing the future.

This premise sounds interesting. Continuum just aired its season finale on August 5th, and the Showcase Channel has ordered a 13-episode season two for 2013. Continuum is not the only Canadian TV drama on SyFy either. The network picked up the Canadian TV series Lost Girl in 2012 after it first premiered on the Showcase Channel in 2010. The North American remake of the British TV series Being Human is also a co-production between American and Canadian television.

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