Canadian Time Travel Series Continuum Coming To Syfy In January

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

We here in the States have had a long and profitable partnership with our neighbors in the Great White North. We’re constantly swiping their actors and making them Big Deals down here. We borrow their cities as stand-ins for New York when we’re too cheap to actually shoot there. Every once in a while we’ll even import an entire series. In the spirit of that latter tradition, Syfy has announced a January premiere date for the Canadian science fiction series, Continuum, which is already a hit up north.

Continuum stars Rachel Nichols as a cop from the year 2077 who accidentally gets dragged back in time to our era, along with two future terrorists who are fleeing their planned executions. The show premiered last May on Canada’s Showcase Channel, and the first season quickly became the network’s highest-rated episodic drama. By all accounts it’s a lot of fun, and hey, it’s always nice to see Syfy actually airing some science fiction. You know, just for a change of pace.

The show’s 10-episode first season will premiere on Syfy on January 14, 2013. Since Syfy has acquired the rights to the unaired second season, presumably that will air at some point after it hits the Canadian airwaves. If nothing else it’ll be nice to see Nichols playing the lead in a new series. I’ve liked her since her role on Tim Minear’s woefully short-lived 2005 series, The Inside. Speaking of which, maybe it’s time to go rewatch those bootlegs…

In the meantime, here’s a trailer for Continuum.

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