A Swarm Of Costumed Star Trek Fans Will Attempt To Break A World Record

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Star TrekIs there any real debate about what specific sci-fi franchise has the most devoted fans? Sure every show, movie, and book has its own rabid diehards, the kind that get their entire bodies tattooed to look like their favorite characters, but as a whole is there any more dedicated group than Star Trek fans? You can argue this point in the comments if you like, but it’s an aside to the main point. No one doubts that Trekkies are steadfast in their commitment, but this August, they’re going to try and show just how hardcore they are, as they attempt, yet again, to break the world record for most people dressed in Star Trek costumes in a single location. Yes, someone does keep track of that sort of thing.

When Trek enthusiasts from around the world gather in Sin City for the 12th Annual Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, they’ll take another crack at collective Guiness glory. The current record stands at 1063, set back in 2012 in London. Last Year the Vegas gathering attempted to dethrone the Brits, but came up a little shy, only able to scrape together 1040 people dressed as characters or objects from the various branches of the Star Trek family tree.

Upstaging other gatherings has become a regular pastime at Star Trek conventions over the last few years. The first record was a mere 99 cosplayers, set in 2010. Surely there were gatherings before that had more than 99 costumed enthusiasts in one spot just by sheer coincidence, but this was the first time the Guiness World Record folks took notice and authenticated the results. Since then the title has traded hands, and cities, a ton of times, and it doesn’t look like this will slow down anytime soon. It’ll get harder and harder as the number increases, like with any record, but if anyone is going to keep doing it, you know it will be Star Trek fans.

This might not be a bad time for Las Vegas to make a run at the belt. After all, Star Trek Into Darkness is a big summertime hit, and there’s been abundant recent chatter about a third film in the rebooted film series. Perhaps all of this will translate into more interest and bigger numbers come convention time. It certainly paves the way for some new costume options.

If you want to help Las Vegas strip the title from those Londoners, the convention runs August 8 through 11 at the Rio All Suites Hotel. The competition itself goes down on Saturday August 10, so you don’t have to spend all weekend sweating in that hot, polyester replica of Captain Kirk’s uniform, or under those intense Klingon prosthetics. You can if you want to, your choice, but can opt out in favor or more climate appropriate garb from time to time if you like. What am I saying, of course you’re going to spend all weekend in costume, why wouldn’t you?

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