Survive On Dinosaur Meat In This Crowdfunded Video Game

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

StompingWhenever you hear about a survival-based video game, it usually falls into the horror genre, like Resident Evil or Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. I guess you could also put something like The Sims in that category, since trying to to starve yourself to death is rather challenging when you can’t always tell what you’re eating.

Game designer and programmer Alex Fundora’s game The Stomping Land has little to do with horror, and you know exactly what you’re eating at all times, because eating is part of the game. You’re a human living among dinosaurs, and your objectives are to hunt and stay alive. Sounds easy, right? Did I mention there were dinosaurs? Did I mention you can lasso said dinosaurs and ride on their backs? This game looks amazing, though I’m wondering if it only looks that good in a vacuum, where comparisons to other games are unavailable.

The Stomping Land recently earned almost six times its initial fundraising goal for its Kickstarter campaign, raking in just over $114,000. This means Fundora got to hire seven other developers to help him make this game even better than it already looks. Check out a few of the promo videos below, and remember that this is an indie game, people. It’s not perfection just yet.

“Your primary need is simply to eat dinosaur meat,” should be a part of every game’s introductory video, regardless of whether it’s accurate.

Those kids from Jurassic Park couldn’t have handled this shit. Though at least that film’s conceit is that the dinosaurs were cloned. I’m not at all sure how a human is living with the beasts in this game. Time machine? Parallel universe? Maybe the dinosaurs hold the secrets in their stomachs, and we have to go and stab it out. I’m game, and I’m not stopping until I’ve got a T-Rex head hanging on my bamboo mantle.

Since the funding just completed a few weeks ago and the game development is only now getting kicked into high gear, there’s no telling when The Stomping Land will see a release, or on what platforms. Maybe some dinosaur system, like the N64.

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