Super Robot Fight Planet Teaser Promises Stop-Motion Robotic Fun

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

With a name like Super Robot Fight Planet, you already have a leg up on your competition. From that title alone, you have our full and immediate attention. Throw in a sweet stop-motion trailer full of the titular automatons, make it beautiful and kickass, and you’ve just made our day.

This brief—47 seconds brief—clip is a teaser for a long-gestating, oft-delayed project by animator Payton Curtis, who has worked on such luminary films as Coraline, ParaNorman, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. So basically every great stop-motion movie in recent memory, that’s all.

I have to say, if this was an actual movie—or when it becomes an actual movie—I would watch it in a heartbeat. It has everything good: robots, a desolate future, and an adorable teddy bear hanging out in a junkyard. Most importantly, there are animated robots fighting. The character design here is absolutely fantastic, and all of the puppets and sets are made using recycled materials, which gives them an air of the concrete and their own unique, creative appearance.

A collaboration between Curtis and Bob Crossman and Christopher Pounds, Super Robot Fight Planet has been in the works for the past eight years. He doesn’t say why, but whatever the issues, they need to get over their hurdles and turn this mother out, mostly so I can watch it. Perhaps when I’m independently wealthy for some mysterious reason I’ll bankroll a feature-length motion picture based on this clip. Until that distant day—read, never—we’ll have to hope they can get it together.

Here is another clip and a video of animation tests for your enjoyment.