Super Cute Paintings Of Dogs Dressed As Star Wars Characters

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Kind of random, but here is something that should easily find its way into the hearts of Star Wars fans and small dog lovers alike. This collection of paintings features some of your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away, re-imagined as various breeds of little dogs.

Artist Brian Rubenacker seems to have a predilection for adorable little dogs dressed in robes, wielding lightsabers, and using the Force to steal all of the biscuits from the cookie jar.

Picturing Boba Fett as a Boston Terrier isn’t too much of a stretch. Bred from fighting dogs, Bostons are tenacious little smoosh-faced guys, much like a specific bounty hunter who winds up in the sarlacc pit. He’s after his most deadly foe in this picture, a “Bad Cuz” ball and a vicious teddy.

Pug Vader and Pug Obi-Wan facing off would be the snortiest, most grunt-filled battle you would ever witness.

I shudder to think what would happen if my small dogs could use the Force like these guys. They would eat treats until they passed out or exploded.

And this last one is just freaking adorable. Boston Vader and his army of teddy bear Storm Troopers. Granted, it would be difficult to take such a force seriously because they’re so damn cute. But maybe that’s the point. You never expect totalitarian evil to arrive in such a lovable, cuddly package. This gives them the opportunity to sneak up on you as you’re going “awwww.” Then they laser the crap out of you when you’re not paying attention.

You can buy 6×8 prints of these paintings, or purchase them as magnets.

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