Super Bowl Will Showcase New Trailers For Star Trek Into Darkness And Others

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


If one were to compare the sports world and the advertising world, the NFL’s Super Bowl would be comparable to, er, the Super Bowl’s commercial breaks. Annually, it’s one of the most watched telecasts of the year, if not the most watched program. Understandably, ad time is averaging between $3.7 million and $3.8 million this year. Even when it hadn’t reached this all-time high, it’s never been cheap, so when Hollywood makes its appearance, you can be damned sure the films they’re promoting are their tentpole money-makers. Here are some of the confirmed trailers we’ll be seeing.

Most exciting, and least surprising, are new TV spots for Star Trek Into Darkness, which will show up at some point during the second quarter, and World War Z, which will get its airtime during the pregame show. Captain Kirk, Brad Pitt, and zombies are a hell of a lot more interesting than that fucking E-Trade baby. (I still like Pete Holmes, though.)

Universal will be promoting Tom Cruise’s flying orbs in Oblivion, but there are no plans for Riddick to make an appearance, even though they’ll also be running the first The Fast and the Furious 6 trailer, which is a franchise with as many sequel name problems as the Texas Chainsaw franchise.

New trailers for Iron Man 3 and Oz the Great and Powerful will add some explosions and magic to the festivities. They’ll also be promoting Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp’s co-star, Armie Hammer.

Almost as notable are the trailers absent from Super Bowl Sunday. Warner Bros. won’t air any Man of Steel ads, 20th Century Fox isn’t sharing a Wolverine ad(amantium). Sony’s Elysium will be AWOL as well. And it doesn’t look like Lionsgate will be telling people The Hunger Games: Catching Fire still hasn’t been cancelled due to lack of interest.

Thankfully, the 49ers-Ravens matchup won’t suffer due to trailers from The Raven, though I’d be interested in seeing something for 49 1/2 Weeks.

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