Summer Glau’s New Best Friend Is This Giant Robot In Webseries Jeff 1000

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Summer Glau may not be a household name, but within a certain segment of the population, she’s a goddamned superstar. You love her, and you’ll always love her because she was in Firefly, not to mention the underappreciated Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She may have been a robot in that second show, but now in the webseries Jeff 1000 she’s become best buds with a 10-foot-tall, not-quite-killer mechanoid.

This is a kind of fun, self-aware Hollywood spoof, and features Glau as a version of herself, an actress going through her daily life, starring in movies, doing your standard Hollywood stuff. The difference is, her bff just so happens to be Jeff, the aforementioned giant robot. He’s a neurotic, insecure actor who questions himself at every turn, but again, the twist is he’s a giant robot, which automatically makes it so much more entertaining. Together the duo do all your usual friend stuff, like hang out, talk about feelings, and even go to an art show hosted by Summer’s ex, David Arquette, where both feel totally out of place.

This is a clever little turn, and has the good sense not to overstay it’s welcome. This episode, the first, is by far the longest, and still clocks in at less than four minutes. Two and three below are each less than two. They get in, do their thing, and get out without wasting a lot of time, which is refreshing.

Episode two provides a little bit more background on Jeff. Like everyone, robots just want to move to Hollywood, live the California dream, and become movie stars. He used to be an assembly line robot in central Ohio, but chucked the daily grind to the side in order to chase his true passion on the west coast. And hang out with his pug, with which he butts heads quite often.

Episode three finds Jeff plying his trade. Like other actors, he runs his lines, trying to really connect with the material, and pin down his character’s motivation and internal logic. It’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Hollywood spoofs are a dime a dozen, but Jeff 1000 definitely earns points for being the first to tackle the subject with Summer Glau and giant robot, both topics that are near and dear to us. It’s like they made this specifically for our sensibilities. And while it isn’t earth shattering, there are way worse ways to spend ten minutes or so, like anything not involving Summer Glau and a big ass robot.

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