Stunning Teaser For Sci-Fi Short Sundays

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Back in 2012, filmmaker Mischa Rozema took to Kickstarter, everyone’s favorite crowdfunding source, in order to drum up the funds for a short science fiction film simply called Sundays. That campaign was a success, and the resulting movie is now nearing completion. If this new brief teaser is any indication, it was time and money very well spent, because the film looks like something we’re definitely interested in seeing sooner rather than later.

Sundays imagines a not-so-distant future, one where artificial computer intelligence has finally caught up with, and overtaken, its human counterpart. The film seeks to capture that specific moment, and the consequences of such a drastic, earth-shaking development. Brian Petsos stars in the lead role, though you don’t get much of an idea what exactly that entails from this trailer, pointed out by Twitch. Perhaps he’s one of countless workers that have been displaced by these new advances in technology, but that is just a supposition at this point.

A poetic, lyrical voiceover from Petsos spreads smoothly across what appears to be apocalyptic visuals and settings. You get a very distinct end of the world vibe from this slim look at Sundays, and whatever this means, it does not appear that this particular vision of the future will be all that rosy for the human race. With the theme of technology taking over and wrecking up the joint, as well as the idea of artificial intelligence taking over, you also can’t help but get a slight Terminator feel while watching this video. Whether that extends beyond thematic bounds, however, remains to be seen.

Filmed on location in Mexico City, Rozema and company definitely make excellent use of the existing architecture, painting a picture of a crumbling infrastructure and a society on the downfall. I don’t know what the budget was like, or how much money they wound up raising, but Sundays looks incredible, and the production value is as good as anything you’re likely to find. That sprawling helicopter shot of the train barreling through the urban blight is phenomenal, beautiful and haunting at the same time.

Sundays is currently in the post-production process, finishing things up, and should be released sometime in 2014. We’ll have to wait to see if this short is unleashed online, makes the rounds of the upcoming festival circuit, or some other approach. However it hits, we’re excited to lay our eyes on the full version.