So Now What? Five Streaming Shows To Soothe Your Doctor Who Withdrawals

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

TorchwoodTorchwood (Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus)
Finally, you can always follow up your voyage through Who-dom with one of its direct spin-offs. Torchwood takes the dashing, omnisexual, functionally immortal Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), gives him his own team, parks him on top of a dimensional rift in Cardiff, and tasks him with investigating/preventing all the weirdness that leaks out. Yes, it’s essentially the Doctor Who version of Buffy’s hellmouth. Torchwood is very much a hit-or-miss affair, but Barrowman’s sheer charisma carries you through some of the lesser episodes, and the rest of the cast will soon earn your devotion to varying degrees. Just don’t get too attached to anybody. Torchwood is a graduate of the Joss Whedon/George R.R. Martin School of Ripping Your Heart Out, and it’s hard to think of another series that packs as much tragedy into as short a run. The show reaches its pinnacle during the Children of Earth miniseries that serves as its de facto third season. The Miracle Day collaboration with the Starz Network isn’t available streaming, but it also wasn’t that good, so only seek it out if you’re a stalwart completist.

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