So Now What? Five Streaming Shows To Soothe Your Doctor Who Withdrawals

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

QuantumQuantum Leap (Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime)
Of all the shows on this list, Quantum Leap is the closest direct match to Doctor Who. The British cult classic pretty much set the mold for many a time travel series to come — drop into some segment of history, notice travesty of justice that just happens to be unfolding right as you arrive, save the day and move on to the next pit stop. Or, to borrow a phrase from Leap, “set right what once went wrong.” There have been a ton of time travel shows over the years, but few made as much of an impact on pop culture as Quantum Leap. Like Who, it’s a great genre show that the whole family can watch together, and it’s a positive celebration of the fact that even small actions can change the world for the better. In Leap, Scott Bakula found the role that would define his career, and even though he’s done great work elsewhere, he’s never been better than when he was Sam Beckett. Quantum Leap may not take you on a tour of all of time and space, but it will serve up a steady dose of emotional, deeply human stories with a strong sense of humor and an ending I have no doubt the Doctor would approve of.

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