So Now What? Five Streaming Shows To Soothe Your Doctor Who Withdrawals

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

FringeFringe (Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime)
The Doctor is often referred to as a “madman in a box,” and Fringe delivers more madman, less box. Part cop procedural, part gonzo freak-of-the-week thriller, Fringe can also challenge Doctor Who when it comes to weirdness ratio per episode, assembling an impressive line-up of terrifying notions from fringe (ahem) scientific/pseudoscientific theory and then smothering them with a healthy serving of dark humor. As the show progresses, it gradually introduces a truly entertaining overarching narrative that produces some of the best science fiction TV in ages, but what will keep you watching is the Fringe themselves. Genial mad scientist Walter Bishop is the heart and soul of the series, alternately hilarious and tragic, and the fact that John Noble was never so much as nominated for an Emmy for the role is a crime against humanity pop culture. Joshua Jackson will make you swear off Dawson’s Creek wisecracks, and Anna Torv’s initially bland Olivia Dunham soon evolves to become a complicated, sympathetic character as well. If you went to the Doctor for help but your problem is too disgusting, unnerving, or downright terrifying, there’s a good chance he’ll hand you the Fringe team’s business card.

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