So Now What? Five Streaming Shows To Soothe Your Doctor Who Withdrawals

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Farscape (Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus)
If I had to pick only one series on this list to follow up your Doctor Who viewing experience, it would be Farscape, hands down. Like Doctor Who, Farscape can be silly or sad, heartbreaking or uplifting, and it will often have you laughing your ass off five minutes before it punches you in the gut and leaves you gasping. Overall, they are both just purely fun in a way that science fiction TV all too often shies away from. The universe we see in Farscape is full of wonder and wonderfully weird, the sort of place where alien royalty farts helium, where you may find yourself in the midst of a Looney Tunes-style cartoon, and where covering yourself with alien vomit and donning a funny hat is sometimes a valid tactical approach to solving a problem. The Doctor would fit right in aboard Moya — he’d irritate the hell out of D’argo and Rigel, but that would be great fun to watch. Plus, he could probably have helped Crichton out with the whole wormhole thing. (Sadly, Amazon Prime doesn’t allow free streaming of the concluding Peacekeeper Wars mini-series, but I guarantee if you watch that far you’ll gladly fork over the ten bucks for a proper conclusion.)

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