Starship Troopers Reboot Coming, Why You Should Be Excited

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Sony Pictures and Producer Neal Moritz are working on a new adaptation of the classic Robert A. Heinlein novel Starship Troopers. Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, who wrote the pretty excellent scripts for Thor and X-Men: First Class are working on the script. Hold off on your nerd outrage reflex, this could actually be a good idea. Here’s why.

In 1997 Showgirls director Paul Verhoven made a movie out of Heinlein’s book only, well his movie bears almost no actual resemblance to the novel. Verhoven’s movie is actually pretty good, in spite of this, taking the tale to extreme’s never envisioned by Heinlein’s novels. But it’s not Heinlein’s novel.

Because Verhoven’s movie is so completely different from the book, it’s now possible to make another movie called Starship Troopers which is also completely different from Verhoven’s movie. Actually it would be almost impossible to make a movie like Verhoven’s even if you wanted to. His vision is so strange and over the top, there’s no way to duplicate it.

So that means this Starship Troopers reboot doesn’t have to be one of those cheap, name-recognition cash-ins which simply rehashes something that’s already been done. In fact if you’re a fan of Heinlein’s novel, this is a really good thing, since it means the real Starship Troopers may finally show up on screen.

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