Stargate Universe’s David Blue On What Happened To His Character After The Finale

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

For a long while there Stargate was having one hell of a run. I never really got into SG-1 or its spinoffs, but there’s no question than lasting through 14 years and three different series is quite an accomplishment for any science fiction property that doesn’t have “Trek” in its name. Sadly, the Stargate golden years wound to a close with the 2011 cancellation of Stargate Universe. While fans still hold out hope for a return to the Stargate universe, one of the show’s actors has shared his vision of what happened after Universe’s end credits rolled.


The end of Stargate Universe is one of those particularly painful ones for fans, seeing as how it ended on a cliffhanger that will likely never be resolved. The entire crew, aside from David Blue’s Eli, had taken shelter inside stasis pods as the Destiny’s life support systems were in danger of failing. Eli had only a few weeks at most to fix the one remaining broken pod before life support finally shut down entirely. In a new interview with Geek Nation, Blue revealed his own thoughts about what happened to Eli.

If you’re not someplace where you can watch the video at the moment, here’s the relevant excerpt:

‘I do think Eli survived,’ Blue said. ‘I think he would have figured out a way to get the power back on and gone on his own adventures for three years or more. And I’d like to believe that’s what happened, and that’s what’s still happening, and maybe one day we’ll find out what those adventures were.’

Of course, even if Stargate does return to TV at some point in the future, it’s unlikely it would pick up where SGU left off. Hell, let’s face it: these days it’s far more likely somebody will outright reboot it. Still, in the absence of official answers about what happened to the SGU crew, we’re all pretty much free to imagine whatever we care to. Blue’s optimistic take is as good a coda as any.