One Stargate Universe Fans Plans To Revive The Show, All He Needs Is $50 Million

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Stargate UniverseFans will be well aware of the fact that Syfy unceremoniously cancelled Stargate Universe after only two seasons in 2011. The network even scrapped plans for a movie that would tie up some loose ends and deal with that cliffhanger at the end of the second season. If one enterprising, if possibly deluded, fan has his way, SGU will indeed come back for a third season. All he needs is $50 million, and a little help from his friends. And by friends I mean people with a lot of extra money to blow on Kickstarter.

Australian sci-fi fan Jonathan Annett, who it should be noted has absolutely nothing to do with SGU or any other member of the Stargate family, took a look around and was dismayed by what he saw. Why was no one out there banging the drum, trying to raise funds to produce new episodes of his favorite show? After all, we live in a world where fans brought Veronica Mars back from the dead, and where Zach Braff can turn to the public to fund his next piece of crap, so anything is possible.

In Annett’s estimation, $2 million per episode should do the trick, which, for a season of 20 episodes, adds up to a grand $40 million. The other $10 million is for incidentals, unforeseen expenses, and to provide a cushion. You know how these things go, there’s always some cost you didn’t account for. Check out his Kickstarter video, which is, admittedly, entirely underwhelming.

So far Annett’s quest has secured just over 60 backers who have pledged a little over $6000. With less than 50 days left, this effort needs to pick up the pace if he’s going to meet his goal. Right now he’ll need to get pledges of more than $1 million a day to meet his goal, which isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility, but seems rather unlikely.

Because he has no connection with anyone involved in SGU, Annett’s plan is to let the money do the talking and show how serious he is. He hopes that this can coax reluctant participants—whether they be actors, writers, producers, and what not—back into the fold. When the project reaches the 75% mark he plans to open a “formal dialogue with the relevant parties.”

We all know that this has no chance in hell of happening. I don’t want to be mean, you have to love the dude’s enthusiasm, but this is just a hard truth. The show was cancelled because it lacked an audience, let alone enough people to chip in to reach this goal. Even if, by some miracle, some random SGU fan with a spare $50 mill steps up, you have to wonder how many cast and crew members would be up for this. Odds are they’ve moved on and have other things going on. I wish Annett all the luck in the world, but I hope he isn’t too crushed when this doesn’t work out.

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