Starcraft Risk Challenges You To Kick Game Night Up A Notch

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Are the stakes of playing Risk, Hasbro’s classic game of strategy and combat, not nearly high enough to keep your interest? What if, instead of settling for world domination, you could battle for universal supremacy? Sound good? Well, then this is right up your alley: a version of Risk based on the massively popular videogame, Starcraft. Conquering countries and continents will seem piddly when compared to the idea of occupying Protoss, Terran, or the Zerg.

This epic play set comes fully stacked. Your box arrives with 333 game pieces, which include two Protoss armies, two Terran armies, and two Zerg armies. You also get six leaders, six custom bases, 15 custom mineral fields, 42 different faction/territory cards, seven dice, and, of course, a game board. All in all, that’s not a bad deal for $49.99, assuming that you like board games, have a few hours to kill, and have two to five friends to kill them with.

In addition to all the raw materials, Starcraft Risk comes with four different ways to play the game. There’s a Basic Training mode, Command Room, Total Domination, and a Team Play approach that lets you play cooperatively with other players. That last one kind of defeats the purpose of the game: crushing your enemies beneath your boot heel and watching them grovel before you as you slowly, deliberately take everything they have.

Honestly, I’ve never finished an entire game of Risk in my life. We’d always stop a few hours in to stretch our legs or ride our skateboards, and either never got back to battle, or something happened to the board. The latter usually involved a goofy friend who looked like Shaggy from Scooby–Doo scattering the pieces all over the living room.

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