Star Wars TV Series May Involve Time Travel

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

Over the past seven years or so, Lucasfilm has been talking about their fabled Star Wars live action TV series that still hasn’t made it out of the deep dark depths of the treacherous development phase. In those seven years or so, Star Wars creator George Lucas has done everything in his power to diminish fan interest in his franchise, but somehow the masses are still rabbling for news about this so-called television show.

Well, the relentless movie hounds over at Ain’t It Cool landed a small bit of information about the plot so here’s your warning-SPOILER ALERT!! If you want to go into this series a knowledge virgin, turn away now.

For those of you still around, you may recognize this plot device from other media over the years. In the upcoming Star Wars series, a group of bandits somehow find themselves able to travel through time, and they use their ability to go back in time and prevent the existence of Darth Vader. This sort of plot shows up in films like Time Cop, Back to the Future to an extent, and even in one of my first video game experiences Red Alert 2. So you’re familiar with the idea of affecting the future by changing the past.

It’s not an overly unique idea, but it’s one that could prove interesting enough in the Star Wars universe especially with the prospect that a young, whiny Anakin could get slapped around a little and that unrelenting cancer Jar-Jar Binks may wind up getting shot in the face with a blaster.

Take all of this with a grain of salt as AICN’s source is untested, but they seemed confident that the intel was solid. Regardless, Lucasfilm has got their work cut out for them if they want to get this disenfranchised fan back on the Star Wars train. Takes Lucas’s name off it, attach some amazing director and actors, and really prove to me, and I’m sure most hardcore fans, that they mean to make good on their promise of a darker, more sinister Star Wars franchise.

The project has been slow going for quite some time so don’t expect too much out of their camp for a bit.

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