Star Wars Rebels: The Movie Gets A Trailer And A TV Spot

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

The biggest thing to happen in science fiction between now and the time that Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar drops in early November is probably going to be the premiere of Star Wars Rebels. It may not be Episode VII, the movie we’re all waiting for, but the animated series is the newest official addition to the Star Wars canon, and that’s always going to be met with excitement. As we’re only a week or so away, Disney and Lucasfilm have released a new trailer and TV spot to hype the debut and the ongoing series.

This first video is the trailer for what they’re calling Star Wars Rebels: The Movie, which is, in reality, an hour long special that we’ve been told up to this point is called “The Spark of Rebellion.” Ahead of Rebels regularly scheduled timeslot on Disney XD, it will make its premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, October 3.

It’s hard to watch this and not get excited. There’s a ton of new footage, you see some new characters and get a sense of the action, and there are even a couple of familiar faces making an appearance, including one legendary Jedi Knight. If nothing else, this feels more and more like Star Wars with every new piece we see.

Set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Rebels shows the evil Galactic Empire tightening their grip on the galaxy. The Jedi Knights have been destroyed, but as the tyranny spreads, the seeds of what will ultimately become the Rebel Alliance from the original trilogy start to sprout. On the small, outer rim planet Lothal, a young con artist named Ezra Bridger, who just so happens to be strong in the ways of the Force, encounters a group of these rebels, and together they embark on the beginning of a great adventure.

While “The Spark of Rebellion,” or Star Wars Rebels: The Movie, or whatever you want to call it, looks to set the stage, when the series switches over to its forever home on Disney XD on Monday, October 13, it will tell the tale of the core group’s continuing adventures. In this shorter TV spot, you get a sense of the wider action the series will encompass. There are tons of locations, various villains to face off with, Ezra is going to have to train and hone his skills if he wants to become a full-fledged Jedi, and a bunch of awesome sights for Star Wars fans to see. All in all, there’s a lot going on here, and it all looks like it’s going to be a pretty damn good time.