Star Wars: Rebels Gets A Logo And A Homey New Ship

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Star Wars: Rebel logoWhen Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in October 2012, we thought that all the existing Star Wars properties would continue on, only under the new banner. Apparently, this was not the case, as Disney stopped production on a number of < animated series, including Star Wars: Detours and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While it was sad to see The Clone Wars end after five seasons, one producer, Dave Filoni, revealed that Disney and Lucasfilm will create an all new animated show, called Star Wars: Rebels, for Disney XD.

According to Empire, Filoni unveiled a few bits and pieces about Rebels during the “Star Wars Celebration Europe” in Germany. Chief among these reveals are a new logo, and some of Ralph McQuarrie’s unused concept art from the original Star Wars. These ideas served as the inspiration for Star Wars: Rebels.

Filoni also showed off the animated central spaceship, called “The Ghost,” which is described as a cross between the Millennium Falcon and a B-17 bomber. “The Millennium Falcon was a ship, it was a place, it was a home,” he said. “We wanted to give this new generation of kids a place they could feel safe in when they’re on the run from the Empire.” From what he described, it also sounds like The Ghost resembles the ship Serenity from Firefly. A ship that doubles as a home for its occupants. This has the potential to be really, really cool.


Star Wars: Rebels takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, unlike The Clone Wars, which took place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The new series will follow a group of teenagers, who form what will be known as the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars universe.

Filoni went on to say that a few characters from Clone Wars will be appear in Rebels. While he didn’t divulge who exactly, it is believed that Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, could be one of them.

Star Wars: Rebels will have a completely different look and feel than its predecessors. The new series may have a Hayao Miyazaki-style appearance, melding Eastern animation influences. Sadly, there was no footage show at the celebration. Along with Filoni, Simon Kinberg (Star Wars: Episode VII, X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Greg Weisman (Young Justice, Disney’s Gargoyles), will produce. Kinberg will also write the first episode.

Disney has yet to announce an official release date for Star Wars: Rebels, but it will air on Disney XD sometime in 2014 to get audiences ready for Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015.


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