Star Wars: Rebels Possible Character Names And New Concept Art

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Star Wars: Rebel logoLater in the year, Lucasfilm will launch the first new property of the Disney era, Star Wars: Rebels. The new animated series will fill the void left by the canceled Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While 2014 marches on to new and exciting things with Disney and Lucasfilm, some new details about Rebels‘ characters have emerged through an often-revealing source: the toy line.

As reported by Groove Bricks, descriptions of Rebel Alliance vehicle sets from LEGO also reveal more about the show’s characters. You can read the toy descriptions from Groove Bricks below. It’s worth noting that there look to be a few typos or accidental deletions, but we’re reproducing the text as first posted, with guesses as to the missing text in brackets where appropriate.

Phantom (75048) – 234 pieces
Take on evil Imperial forces in The Phantom with opening cockpit, 2-way spring-loaded shooter, rear cargo compartment and more.

Fly The Phantom into battle against the evil Empire!

Join the Rebel resistance against the evil Empire in The Phantom attack shuttle, as seen in the exciting Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! Place young Rebel hero Ezra Bridger in the detachable cockpit and store his cadet helmet and blaster in the [cargo compartment.]

The Ghost (75053) – 929 pieces
Pilot The Ghost with 2 cockpits, 360-degree rotating gun turret, spring-loaded shooters, detachable escape pods, Holocron and more.

Join the Rebel heroes aboard The Ghost!

Get ready to battle the Empire with the Rebel heroes’ awesome starship — The Ghost — as seen in the thrilling Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! Stay on course with Rebel minifigures in the two cockpits and put Zeb on patrol in the 360-degree rotating [gun turret.]

A young Rebel hero named Ezra Bridger seems to be the pilot of The Phantom, while a new character named Zeb pilots The Ghost, which is a mix between The Millennium Falcon and a B-17 bomber. Considering the nature of the series and the toys, it seems that these two heroes will be Rebels‘ main characters. I’m not sure naming a new vehicle The Phantom is a good idea. It sounds a little too close to The Phantom Menace. Does Lucasfilm really want to remind people of The Phantom Menace?


Meanwhile, concept artist Kilian Plunkett designed the Ghost. The concept images seen here were posted on Star Warsofficial tumblr page a few days ago. The Ghost actually looks like the prototype of the Millennium Falcon, which begs the question: will that famous starship make an appearance on Rebels? If rumors are true surrounding Billy Dee Williams’ involvement with the new animated series, it seems possible Lando Calrissian may pilot the Falcon into Star Wars: Rebels‘ airspace.

Lucasfilm has really been putting their tumblr page to good use. When they launched the social media page last month, they posted new concept art of the planet Lothal, a frontier world where the Galactic Empire establishes new stations and where a majority of Rebels will take place.

Lucasfilm also released images of the series’ new villain, the Inquisitor, in action figure form, as part of Lucasfilm and Hasbro’s partnership with the “Star Wars Saga Legends” toy line. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do the same thing for the other characters on Rebels.

Rebels takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, a few years before the start of Episode IV in the Star Wars timeline. The Galactic Empire is taking over planets in the Outer Rim and a band of teenage renegades start to sabotage the Imperial stranglehold on Lothal. They do anything they can to undermine the new Emperor’s power and form the very early stages of what will become the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars: Rebels will air sometime in October 2014. It will premiere on the Disney Channel, and then move to Disney XD.

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