Star Wars Poster Mash-Ups Probably Aren’t The Spinoffs You’re Looking For

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

AmHXWhen the news broke last year about Disney purchasing Lucasfilm, and with it the Star Wars franchise, the biggest bullet point was the fact that we were getting a new trilogy, and that it was coming in 2015. But that wasn’t the only long-term plan Disney laid out at the time. They also revealed that other Star Wars spinoff movies were in the works as well. We’ve since learned that at least some of those spinoff movies may be origin films for well-known Star Wars characters (which, I’ll be honest, is one of the least interesting directions they could take). Think young Boba Fett, young Han Solo, young Lando Calrissian. (Personally I’m keeping my fingers crossed for The Young Dengar Chronicles.) But if Disney is looking for more ideas, artist Dan Polydoris is here to help. For instance, I’ve heard that the Force-curb-stomp scene in American History X-Wing is way intense.


Poydoris’ Star Wars mashup posters are the sort of thing we’ve seen a lot at GFR, and when you’re working in a crowded field it’s all about the little choices and details. I mean, making the connection between two cold-as-balls places for the Fargo/Hoth poster is easy…


…and Dances with Wookies isn’t really that much of a stretch…


…but when it comes to Single Green Twi’Lek, I simply have to tip my hat. It’s spectacularly silly, but it isn’t an obvious title/joke that leaps right to mind if you were to sit down and brainstorm this sort of thing. Plus, it’s Oola, and that poor girl deserves a little more attention after the unfortunate way her employ with Jabba came to an end.


My favorite is this next one, though, and not just because I’m a Dengar groupie. Dude went to 4-LOM. Freaking 4-LOM. That’s deep cuts, baby. Although I think Boba’s way too mainstream to be hanging with the likes of Dengar, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss. Photoshop his name out and replace him with IG-88 and we’re in business.


Just be forewarned, though, you are not prepared for the scene where Bossk gets his beans above his frank.