Star Wars Mixed Up With The 30 Rock Credits

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Over the years Star Wars fans have mashed up their favorite epic space opera with seemingly everything under the sun. One of the latest mixes is with Angry Birds, but there have been Jawas (Jaws), Look Who’s Tarkin (Look Who’s Talking), and Obi-Wan Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (that one should be obvious) posters; Star Wars detective noir book covers; and oh so many more.

Some of these pairings go together naturally, while other attempts are a definite stretch. This video, embedded below, falls into the latter category. Sound in theory, Star Wars and NBC sitcom 30 Rock may just be too incongruous to properly combine into some unholy new creature.

Don’t get me wrong, both 30 Rock and the Star Wars saga are wonderful institutions in their own right. But trying to envision George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away as a broad, pop-culture-saturated situation comedy takes some doing.

Although, after giving it some thought, I could get behind a nice slapstick sci-fi sitcom. After all, isn’t that the entire basis for Red Dwarf? And that turned out pretty awesome. There’s the lone hero (Lister), a neurotic droid (Kryten), strange mutant creatures (Cat), and a hologram (Rimmer). Sure, there may not be a dark, ominous foe like Darth Vader, or a tyrannical empire to contend with, but the boys from the Dwarf do tend to get in more than their fair share of sticky situations and tough scrapes.

So on second thought, what the hell, given half the chance, I’d watch the ugly, two-headed offspring of Star Wars and 30 Rock. We’ve all watched much, much worse.

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