Star Wars Meets Film Noir In Fan-Made Poster Series

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

When the Star Wars films hit theaters during the ’70s and ’80s, they helped form the template for the modern big-budget blockbuster. But what if George Lucas had been born a few decades earlier? What if Lucas had found himself trying to make his science fiction series when film noir was all the rage. After all, there are already some qualities to the films that fit the noir mold. Young, innocent Luke sent on a journey across the galaxy by a mysterious lady, accompanied on the journey by a cynical, self-obsessed scoundrel. Granted, if the Star Wars films were film noir, Luke probably wouldn’t have gotten nearly the happy ending he did…

Artist Dean Reeves decided to mash up the Star Wars universe with some classic film noir titles and poster designs, and the results are kind of awesome. I particularly love the Leia “This Gun for Hire” poster below. If you’re lusting after the pics, good news: you can order copies from Etsy for $26.01 apiece. What’s with the extra cent? No clue. But from the look of the suckers, you’re getting that extra cent’s worth in quality.


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