Star Wars As A Medieval Manuscript

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

What if, instead of a series of films that forms the most beloved science fiction saga of all time, Star Wars was a medieval manuscript where the story unfolded over a series of rustic paintings? That’s the basic premise behind a series of images that re-imagine the space opera as the pages of an ancient text.

These pictures are the result of a class project and come from the mind of Thai illustrator Chawakarn Kongprasert, a student in Bangkok. Many of the iconic moments from the films are featured.

There is the first meeting between Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace. Unfortunately for everyone, Jar-Jar Binks is there too. The halo definitely sets Anakin up as the “chosen one.”

Darth Vader posed on a throne of gold is an ominous and telling image. The hallowed faces on the top of the seat add a spooky ambiance.

When Luke first sees Leia in R2’s holographic message, it is a creepy sort of love at first site. After all, he is a young boy, full of all sorts of strange new urges.

This one recreated the Battle of Hoth. One strange thing about this rendering is that Leia is set up to resemble the Virgin Mary. Doesn’t the way she carries herself, the way her body is positioned, make it look like she’s supposed to be pregnant?

In The Empire Strikes Back, the Dark Side Cave on Dagobah represents an important test, and key turning point, for young Luke Skywalker. Though he has been learning to control his powers and use the Force, he must still confront his fears and learn to keep his emotions in check, not an easy task when confronted by Darth Vader in a dank, dark cave.

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