Star Wars And Marvel Take To Twitter To Swap Lightsabers And Magic Hammers

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

SWMarvelIt’s been over a year since Disney stunned the world by buying Lucasfilm, and with it the Star Wars franchise. With that one deal, the future of the Star Wars franchise changed massively. As we’ve seen with Pixar and Marvel, the Disney is nothing if not ambitious, and in the past year they’ve moved aggressively, announcing new films, shows, games, comics, and more. And unsurprisingly, plenty of folks have speculated whether Disney’s various top-tier factions might team up, something we’re already seeing hints of with a rumored Pixar animated Star Wars movie. But what about Marvel and Star Wars? Well, sure enough, we’ve got our first official team-up between the House of George Lucas and the House of Ideas. Well, on Twitter, anyway.

Social media is a massive part of pretty much any company’s marketing strategy these days, so of course both Star Wars and Marvel have their own Twitter accounts so they can interact with the fans and answer questions. Earlier this week the official Star Wars Twitter account hosted one of its regular “Ask Star Wars” events, and who should crash the party but their superheroic sibling, the official Marvel Twitter. It all started with a request to borrow some lightsabers, and what unfolded then was a funny bit of back-and-forth horse trading that should make any Marvel or Star Wars fan chuckle. Just remember, Star Wars, that Mjölnir swap might not be a good deal — not everybody can pick the damn thing up.

You can read the full interaction below. And to whichever anonymous employees are running the two company’s Twitter accounts: nicely done.