Star Wars Imagined As An ’80s Teen Movie, The Sequel

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Last year we got a look at a group of drawings that imagined the world and characters of George Lucas’s epic space opera, Star Wars, as a John Hughes-style 1980s teen movie. There were things like Darth Vader as the evil blonde kid on a motorbike, Han and Chewie as out-of-control rocker types, and C-3PO and R2-D2 as pocket protector-wearing nerds. Well, one installment of these pictures wasn’t nearly enough, so Italian comic artist Denis Medri is back with more.

As before, Medri’s depictions are spot on and capture the tone of both Star Wars and ’80s teen dramadies. This time around we get to see his renderings of even more iconic moments from the holy trilogy.


The desert wastes of Tatooine are recast as the deceivingly dull streets of the small town Luke wants desperately to escape. Yoda is portrayed as a wise old gym teacher, and Phys Ed. stands in for Dagobah. Both are pretty swampy and gross, so the comparison is apt.

Instead of a hologram, Leia passes a note to the most unlikely messenger, the sweater-vest-clad dweeb, R2-D2. R2 also learns an important lesson about letting the massive, mullet-sporting butt rocker win when you play chess.

The Millennium Falcon is depicted as a sweet, garbage-filled cargo van. You can imagine some illicit contraband has been smuggled inside this bad boy. This is also another appropriate alteration. The Falcon is steadfast and loyal, but also held together with chicken wire, duct tape, and more than a little hope, much like an aging van.

While all of these are a ton of fun, the one that really stands out is Han shooting first. In this version Greedo is a punk rocker in green Mohawk, and instead of blasters, they’re using spitballs, but the general conceit is the same.