Star Wars Fans, Want A 16-Foot AT-ST Walker Replica?

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

AT-ST1Looking for something to really bring your back yard together? You’ve got the swanky deck, you’ve got the high-end grill, you’ve got the hot tub. Where do you go from there? Allow us to suggest the forest moon of Endor, because if you really want bragging rights, you need to park a 16-foot AT-ST Imperial walker replica back there. That doesn’t make it 1:1 scale from the Star Wars movies, but it does make it tall enough for your neighbors to see it over the fence. I can hear them seething with jealousy from here.


The AT-ST is up for sale on ebay, courtesy of prop replica company Hollywood’s Finest (which is actually located in England, not in Hollywood). Sadly, the exchange rate must have come into play here, as the AT-ST is only 16’ tall, as opposed to the 28’ it technically should be. But if that jealous neighbor tries to rain on your parade by pointing that out, just tell them you can’t hear them up in the cockpit OF YOUR OWN GODDAMN AT-ST. Bonus points if you can rig this thing to actually walk, then go trample their begonias. (Warning: don’t do this if your neighbor is a member of a small, furry species armed with sticks and rocks, because they will fuck your shit up hardcore.)


The AT-ST replica is currently going for £9,800.00 (around $15,000) with 14 days left in the auction. Unless you’re somewhere in the U.K., I’ve got no idea how they’d plan to get this thing to you. Maybe you can have them disassemble it and then find somebody else on eBay who’s selling a YT-1300 Corellian light freighter. I’ve heard those things have tons of cargo room hidden under the floor paneling…


Actually, scratch that, a solution presents itself in these very photos! If I’m not mistaken that’s the Doctor’s TARDIS sitting alongside the walker. You can easily fit the AT-ST inside there, just so long as you can figure out how to fit all the parts in through the doors. Maybe the Hulk can give you a hand with compressing them.


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