Star Wars: Episode VII Photos Reveal A Badass New Ship

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

XwingsStar Wars has always been full of all kinds of cool ass space ships. We saw pictures of a couple the other day—one old favorite and a twist on another classic—but today throws something entirely different into the Star Wars: Episode VII mix. Okay, not entirely different, like you could never imagine it, but substantially different enough to make it super interesting and start us salivating.

As usual, there are potential SPOILERS for Episode VII beyond this point, so read on with caution, or possibly blinders, or just don’t read on at all if you’re worried.

You know how X-Wing Fighters are totally awesome and you spent most of your childhood (and beyond for many of us) wishing you had the opportunity to fly one. That’s an undisputable fact. But you know what would make them even better? A sweet black paint job, that’s what. And according to these new photos from the set of Episode VII, that’s exactly what we’re going to get.

star warsWe’ve heard a few reports that people got in deep doo doo over those photos that leaked at Indie Revolver a while. Like there were firings involved, which sucks. This is just a movie, and though we’re pumped beyond belief for it, it’s not worth anyone losing their livelihoods over. But these photos are a whole different animal. These aren’t leaked from anyone inside the production, hence no one to fire, they’re images of an outdoor set captured by outsiders with planes and drones (so these are basically spy photos of a movie set, let that sink in for second, we truly live in a magical time).

star warsThese are similar to the one of the Millennium Falcon that popped up earlier this week, and appeared over at Latino-Review. (When you have a rep for breaking Star Wars news like them, you’re the first one people go to when they’ve got a scoop.) One of the earlier images showed off what was obviously an X-Wing, but one wrapped in a blue tarp (or some fancy, movie set equivalent). I assumed it was to protect it from the elements, but perhaps that was an attempt to shield this craft from prying eyes as long as possible.

star warsThe shape of the black X-Wing looks to be very similar to the other newer design we’ve already seen from set (based on the original concept art of the great Ralph McQuarrie, a craft you can also see in this picture, along with the Falcon), but the drastic difference in appearance is definitely food for thought. It definitely looks like an X-Wing that has been on the receiving end of an Imperial makeover. Is that the case? And who is going to be at the controls of this bad boy?

LR has some insight into that matter as well. According to their sources, at least four characters will pilot X-Wings in the film, which certainly explains the seeming abundance of the crafts. At the moment they don’t know who, but doubt it will be Oscar Isaacs, because he is reportedly going to be flying the Falcon. It’s easy to imagine that, if Daisy Ridley and John Boyega’s characters are indeed the leads, that they’ll get a turn at the stick, possibly of this sleek newcomer. If Boyega truly is a stormtrooper on the lam, it’s possible it could be him. The chrome trim on this certainly could be a link to those new chrome stormtroopers we’ve seen. He could have absconded with this craft when he went AWOL.

And one last thing, with all of these X-Wings zipping around the galaxy, you have to wonder if we’ll see them in action, and word on the street says yes, yes we will. Again, according to their sources, Star Wars: Episode VII “includes one big action X-Wing fight.”

That’s all I wanted to hear. Between that and the abundance of practical special effects we’ve seen, they’re checking off all of the boxes on my “Things Episode VII Must Have” list. All that’s really left is a lightsaber duel and for them to actually make a good movie. Am I asking too much?

And here are some more photos, just for the hell of it.

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