Star Wars: Episode VII Fan Poster In The Style Of Drew Struzan

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Ever since the news broke that Star Wars: Episode VII was going to happen, we’ve seen a ton of fan art imagining what the eventual poster might look like. Some of them have been really well done, but the one below is the first one that could pass for the genuine article if we didn’t know better.

Created by DeviantArtist Adam Schickling, the poster is done in the style of legendary Star Wars poster artist Drew Struzan. Over the years, Struzan has created gorgeous posters for all six Star Wars films, and they are some of the most iconic and recognizable art from George Lucas’ universe. Sadly, Struzan said earlier this year that Disney hasn’t approached him about doing an Episode VII poster, and even if they did ask he would “rather leave the new films to the next generation to interpret.” We’ll just have to pretend the poster below is the real deal. Which isn’t hard, because Schickling is an excellent mimic of Struzan’s style.


And here are Struzan’s actual six Star Wars posters for comparison.