Star Wars Elevator Prank Uses The Force To Annoy People

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

“Are you Neo or something?” No, he’s a Jedi Knight! While using a lightsaber is pretty cool, one of the best things about being a Jedi is the ability to use the Force to move things. But if annoying people by opening and closing an elevator door is the best you can do with the Force, then your Jedi Master has failed you as a teacher. Enter JesterLads, a video comedy group that uses hidden cameras to capture hilariously awkward situations on their college campus.

JesterLads pulled off the Star Wars prank in an elevator full of unsuspecting students at King’s College London in England. Although the “Star Wars Elevator Prank” seems easy enough to pull off, the most difficult thing about it is staying cool under the pressure of the other people in the elevator with you. It looks like there might have been some pissed-off people in that elevator who might be late for class or an appointment.

Truth be told, when I was in college, I pulled off a similar prank with a set of automated doors at my dorm’s student center. Only I didn’t do it as a prank, I did it as a way to impress girls. And yes, I thought my playful knowledge of Star Wars would impress women. Boy, was I wrong about that one!

JesterLads seems to have gotten a lot of press with their “Star Wars Elevator Prank.” The new video comedy group was mentioned on College Humor, BuzzFeed, and Reddit. Not bad for a bunch of guys opening and closing elevator doors.

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