Star Wars: Dark Disciple Will Explore Untold Story From The Clone Wars Animated Series

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

AsajjBannerHaving swept aside the vast majority of the stories that unfolded over the past couple of decades in books and comics, Star Wars is creating a whole new, more closely policed “canon” for George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away. The six live-action films are at the heart of it, but the events of the Clone Wars animated series are considered official as well. Leading up to the December 2015 release of J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII, the new Star Wars canon will be unfolding primarily in two forms: in the new Disney animated series Rebels, and in the new Star Wars novels coming from Del Ray. But while Disney make be looking to the future of their Star Wars universe, there are still some stories to be told about the past. Enter the upcoming novel Dark Disciple, which will tell a story originally intended to unfold in The Clone Wars.

There were quite a few tales left untold after the cancellation of The Clone Wars, but thankfully some of them have found since their way to light in one form or another. Netflix rescued many of the Clone Wars episodes we otherwise might never have seen, and other story arcs from the abbreviated sixth season have been turned into comics or even just small glimpses at what might have been. Dark Disciple will bring to life another of those once-abandoned storylines.

Scheduled for release in July 2015 and penned by Christie Golden, Dark Disciple will adapt several Clone Wars scripts co-written with George Lucas and intended for the aborted seventh season. When they first announced the then-untitled novel during San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, Clones Wars vet / Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni told fans:

Ventress had become one of the most interesting characters…we had all this material, we had all these designs…This is based on scripts we had written with George Lucas…I’m super excited about this book.

In addition to revealing the Dark Disciple title, has shared a bunch of concept art created for the original unproduced Clone Wars story arc. In addition to giving us looks at the characters and places to expect from Dark Disciple, they also confirm one very important thing: Ventress looks totally wrong with hair.