Star Wars Car Details Promote Family Togetherness, Creepy Sibling Relationships

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’ve all seen those window decals that let you tell the drivers behind you the exact makeup of your immediate family, which I think we can all agree is information that your fellow motorists absolutely need to know. For instance, when that suburban cuts you off and forces you onto the shoulder, the window decals on the back will allow you to determine that there is no way that person should have been allowed to breed. Well, if you’re looking to clutter up your back windshield but don’t want to use boring, generic iconography, ThinkGeek has a set of Star Wars themed decals that will ensure that the guy stuck behind you as you’re traveling 10 miles per hour below the speed limit in the far left lane will want to Force choke you, rather than just the boring old normal kind of choking.

With each set listing for a mere $14.99 and consisting of 50 different decals of assorted Star Wars characters, you’ll be able to find the fictional character assembly that best represents you and yours. Mix and match them for fun, or just to subtly imply that your husband really ought to shave his back (Chewbacca)! One of your siblings making uncomfortable advances toward you? Just slap a pair Luke and Leia decals on the back of your car, I’m sure they’ll take the hint.

The Star Wars decals are fun for the whole family. And what better SF universe to teach family values to your kids than the one where Padme fell in love with a nine-year-old, who later murdered her while she was pregnant, after which their twin kids grew up and developed incestuous feelings for each other? That’s practically a Norman Rockwell painting!