Star Wars Art: Pulp-Style Book Covers And Mass Effect Mashups

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

leiaWith new Star Wars content in the works across damn near every medium after last year’s Disney buyout of Lucasfilm, fans are about to get a whole new crop of characters and adventures to put their own creative spin on. That’s one of the great things about any passionate fandom: rather than simply consuming, many are inspired to create new things based on their favorite films, shows, and so on. Which brings me to one of my new favorite things, these pulp-style faux covers focusing on two leading ladies from that galaxy far, far away.

The art was created by TonyFleecs, and you can check out more on his deviantART page. (Where, in addition to the faux pulp covers, you can find a surprising amount of My Little Pony art.) It’s always the little details that can make or break something like this, and Tony doesn’t disappoint. Aside from serving up appropriately pinup versions of Leia and her mom Padme, he did a great job coming up with pulp-style story blurbs for the covers. Leia’s “She Was Young, Beautiful — And A Royal Pain” could very well have been written by Han Solo himself. But the blurb for the Padme-centric Love Me to Death is my favorite: “Their Secret Was A Kiss. That Turned Into A Scar.” Congratulations, that line is one of the few good things to come out of the prequel trilogy. (And the THX 1138 reference is nice too.)


While TonyFleecs art reimagines Star Wars in a different era and medium, fan artists have had lots of fun mashing up Lucas’ beloved franchise with other corners of pop culture. Case in point, these rather cool pieces by deviantARTist Zarnala, who imagines a world where the Star Wars universe collided with that of BioWare’s acclaimed Mass Effect video game series. It raises one of the great unanswerable questions of the cosmos: If a stormtrooper was wearing Commander Shepard’s N7 armor, would he actually be able to hit the broad side of a barn?


And when it comes to Salarian Jedis, Yoda’s whole “He is too old to begin the training” excuse might be entirely valid. Sadly, Mass Effect’s fast-talking amphibians only live around 40 years. But hey, if they train as Jedis at least they might be able to merge with the Force when the time comes.


Finally we’ve got “Darth Usir,” a Sith Asari who’s nicked Darth Maul’s color scheme. Much as I love the Asari’s blue skin tones, I have to admit that this one looks pretty badass in the red and black. Pretty sure Liara could still take her, though. Don’t fuck with Liara.

Darth Liara

And hell, while universes are blending, it’s worth directing you toward these these hybrid crossovers. Who needs a lightsaber when you’ve got a power ring?