Star Wars Art Prints Should Liven Up Any Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

“Boba” by Tim Proctor

The rejiggered Star Wars universe has begun rolling out the first elements of its new canon, with Star Wars: A New Dawn hitting shelves recently and the Star Wars Rebels animated series due to premiere in a few short weeks. (There’s also a little film called Episode VII due out next year.) But if you’re craving even more of George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away, an upcoming Star Wars-themed online art show could be just the thing, and an excuse to bedeck your walls some awesome sci-fi artwork.

Described as “an online artists’ alley,” Acme Archives’ “Join the Alliance” event is currently underway and featuring a collection of Star Wars art by nearly twenty different artists. You can purchase any of the prints for $40, and the event will be running through September 15, just in case you need to wait for a paycheck to clear or something.

“Take Your Prize” by Brian Rood

You can check out a few more of our favorites below, featuring all the expected Star Wars faces, as well as a few more obscure characters. You can see the rest right here, and purchase any that strike your fancy. It also looks like they’ll be rolling out more prints as the event continues, so you might want to keep checking the site up through the 15th.

“Air Transport Command” by Peter Ferk
“Conquer” by Joe Corroney & Brian Miller
“Cruse the Rebellion” by Brian Miller
“Encounter at Echo Base” by Cat Staggs
“A Symbol of Hope” by Steve Anderson
“Saga” by Jerry Vanderstellt
“The Scoundrel” by Steve Anderson
“Scum & Villainy” by James Silvani