The Next Star Trek’s Villains May Be Klingons

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Somewhere out there is a completed script for Star Trek: The Next (we can’t go around calling this Star Trek 2, that’s Wrath of Khan bitches!) and that means someone knows what’s going on with the next movie. Maybe it’s a bunch of Brazillian Star Trek fans who’ve posted a rumor from an anonymous source, claiming to be on the inside.

Ok, there’s probably no way at all that unverified information like this is legit, but let’s have fun talking about it anyway.

Their scooper claims that the villains of the next JJ Abrams directed Trek movie will be Klingons, and that no time travel will be involved. If true, both of these things sound like good ideas.

Time travel has resulted in some of the best science fiction ever created, but they used it on the last Star Trek and you really can’t go to that well again with the current run of Trek films.

Klingons are kind of the obvious choice for villains, a great way to connect to classic Trek without flat out rehashing something that’s already done (like resurrecting Khan for instance). If it pans out, it’ll be the fourth time the Klingons have been the villains of a Star Trek movie. They filled the bad guy role in Star Trek III, Star Trek VI, and were sort of the bad guys in Star Trek V. Since the reboot takes place long before the Federation made peace with the Empire, they’d be humanity’s most immediate enemy in the time period this next movie takes place in.

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