Is Star Trek’s Next Bad Guy Benecio del Toro?

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Star Trek: The Next is written and getting ready to swing in to production. JJ Abrams is directing and in the process of casting his new entry into Gene Rodenberry’s universe, and since most of he primary cast will be back, the biggest role to fill is that of the movie’s villain. How about Benicio del Toro?

Variety claims that Abrams is talking to del Toro about playing the movie’s bad guy. They haven’t actually offered the role to him yet, but word is that they will, very soon. Interestingly the scoopers involved here claim even del Toro doesn’t know who or what he’s playing yet… but maybe we do.

If I asked you to name the Hollywood actor who looks most like a Klingon, odds are del Toro would be somewhere in your top 5. He’s the perfect Klingon and there’ve already been other rumors that Klingons will appear to play the bad guys in the next film. You don’t hire Benicio del Toro and then paint him blue to be an Andorian. I guess he could play a Tellarite, but really, the guy’s a born Klingon… or, ok, maybe a Horta.

JJ Abrams proved with his Star Trek reboot that he has a knack for casting. Who’d have ever though Karl Urban could and would be the absolute perfect Leonard McCoy? Eric Bana was a pretty great pissed off Romulan too, even though the script never did much with him. Benicio del Toro could be yet another one of those perfect casting decisions. Make it so Mr. Abrams.

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