Star Trek: The Video Game Unveils 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Star Trek Into Darkness is less than a month away, but if you find yourself jonesing for a fix ASAP, the tie-in video game is available today for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows. The game is set between the first and second Abrams films, and it puts players in the boots of Captain Kirk and Spock in a new, in-canon game that has the duo, amongst other things, facing off against the Abrams-verse version of the reptilian Gorn. The game was developed in conjunction with two of the film’s screenwriters, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. That could be good or bad news, depending on your opinion of Orci and Kurtzman.

If you’re the sort who doesn’t drop sixty bucks on a game lightly — and these days, who can afford to — the folks over at IGN have posted around a half-hour of gameplay footage, beginning with the very first mission shown up above (complete with lens flare).

The next video shows Kirk and Spock’s first encounter with the redesigned Gorn. The changes may infuriate die-hard Trekkers, but let’s face it, squaring off against video-game versions of a guy in a largely immobile rubber suit just wouldn’t cut the mustard for most gamers. And honestly, by this point you’re either onboard with Abrams take on Trek or you wouldn’t be buying this game anyway. This video begins with Kirk and Spock beaming down to “New Vulcan” if you recall, Old Vulcan had a very bad day in the first Abrams film. Bring on the lizard-men!

This last embed shows off some of Star Trek’s more diverse gameplay. While most of the game will have you running about in a standard third-person shooter, you’ll also get to live out some crazy action set pieces such as making a “space jump” through tumbling debris or actually controlling the Enterprise during a heated space battle.

Star Trek: The Video Game is now available. Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters on May 17.

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