Star Trek: The Video Game Beams Down New Images

By David Wharton | Published

Now that Aliens: Colonial Marines has come and gone and disappointed (I’m seriously so bummed about that game), my next hope for a licensed game that doesn’t suck is the upcoming Star Trek: The Video Game. Set between Abrams’ two Star Trek films, the game is a canonical adventure starring Kirk and Spock teaming up to save the day from, amongst other things, the Abrams-verse’s version of the lizard-like Gorn. The third-person game is designed for co-op play, with both Kirk and Spock having different abilities and playstyles.

Now the folks from Digital Extremes have released a new batch of images, showcasing Kirk and Spock in action, with some scenic alien vistas thrown in for good measure. Check them out below, and you can get your hand on the game itself on April 23rd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.