New Star Trek TV Series From X-Men Director And Dead Like Me Creator?

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Enterprise went off the air in 2005 which means it’s now been nearly seven years since Star Trek was last seen on television. The 2009 movie was the most successful Trek movie of them all, indicating there’s plenty of life left yet, so obviously at some point Paramount and CBS are going to want to get the world’s flagship sci-fi franchise back into space. Maybe it’ll happen sooner than later.

We’ve been hearing rumblings of a new Trek TV series in development for quite some time. Here’s yet another rumble. This one from AICN where they say Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller may be teaming up with X-Men director Bryan Singer to get a new show off the ground.

Singer has long been a Trek fan and apparently both Singer and Fuller have been working on possible Star Trek TV series ideas separately. The idea now would seem to be that they’ll pool their efforts and start working together, and in the process perhaps get Paramount’s blessing to move forward.

It’s worth noting that Abrams and Fuller aren’t the only people working on possible Trek series ideas. David Foster has been kicking around a few concepts and Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane has expressed Trek interest as well.

Right now it’s all rumor and possibility until Paramount and CBS give the go-ahead. But both Singer and Fuller are proven commodities. Fuller in fact has worked in the Trek universe before, writing for both Deep Space Nine and Voyager before going on to become a showrunner. Star Trek would be lucky to have either or both of them on the bridge.

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